Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Carbon Footprint

20 Things I'm doing to reduce my carbon footprint:

  1. growing my own vegetables in a small organic garden plot

  2. replacing any light bulbs that burn out with compact fluorescent lightbulbs

  3. recycle - paper, plastic, newspapers, glass, aluminum, metals

  4. pick my own fruit at local orchards and hydroponic vegetable stands instead of buying food that has traveled across the country in a gas-guzzling tractor trailer

  5. recycle paper at work

  6. print double sided reports at work

  7. read documents on the computer rather than print them out

  8. use refillable water bottles

  9. bring my own lunch in a reusable paper bag

  10. B.Y.O.M - use a mug at work rather than throw-away cups

  11. use phosphate free soap for washing the dishes and phosphate/petroleum free soap for laundry

  12. use rechargeable batteries

  13. run the dishwasher only when it is 100% full

  14. turn off the computer monitor if I have to leave it on for other reasons

  15. use unbleached flour and coffee filters

  16. wash my clothes in cold/luke-warm water

  17. compost kitchen and yard waste - this is naturally converted into an organic fertilizer for the garden!

  18. buy food in bulk and repackage in reusable containers

  19. buy recycled clothing (aka. fun thrift store finds)

  20. keep my car tuned up (sure, this inside isn't very clean but at least the emissions are cleaner!)

Sure, these may sound like small, often commen sense, things that wouldn't really help fix what's going on in the environment. And they won't. Not if there's not more people doing these things and many more.

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