Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tampa Escapades - THE LIST!

Here is the list, in no particular order, of things that I hope to accomplish while living in Tampa.

The MASTER List (updates can and will be made)!!

  1. Hash house harriers runs
  2. Adventure runs
  3. Martial arts
  4. Yoga
  5. Rock climbing
  6. Kayaking
  7. Sierra club
  8. Audobon Society
  9. FNPS field trips
  10. Camping trip
  11. Volunteer at Moffitt Cancer Center or the Red Cross
  12. Volunteer at animal rescue/big cat rescue
  13. Volunteer at a nature center
  14. Take guitar lessons
  15. Biking on florida greenways
  16. Massage classes at Cortiva or get a message
  17. Take some non-credit classes at a local university
  18. Tai chi on the water/beach
  19. Drum circle
  20. Work at a brewery
  21. Brew my own beer
  22. Volunteer at organic farm
  23. Volunteer with a farm at the St. Pete farmer’s market
  24. Kayoga
  25. Become a kayak guide
  26. Organize a fundraising pub crawl/scavenger hunt
  27. Do photography at any events/outdoor thingy
  28. Go to the drive-in!!
  29. Go to a crochet meeting (Sacred Grounds Coffeehouse)
  30. Go to pick-your own fruit orchards
  31. Take classes at the Hillsborough extension office
  32. Hike the barrier islands
  33. Join the coast guard auxiliary
  34. Cooking/dinner party
  35. Cocktail party
  36. Book club/used bookstore
  37. Volunteer at botanical gardens
  38. Work with USF to create searchable database for native plants
  39. Go visit the springs in florida
  40. Fishing
  41. Join a search and rescue team
  42. Scuba diving
  44. Find an independent movie theatre
  45. Volunteer usher at Tampa Theatre
  46. Go to the Thai Buddhist Temple in Palm View on a Sunday for the Thai Market
  47. Get involved in local sports
  48. Swimming at free pools
  49. Join the Tampa Bay Couch Surfing crowd for an event
  50. Dance lessons
  51. Surfing
  52. Blues jams/jazz lounges
  53. Meditation
  54. Young professional get togethers
  55. Bowling – big lebowski style
  56. Wine tastings
  57. Be a representative for a alcohol company
  58. Be a nude model
  59. Go to the comedy club
  60. Habitat for humanity!
  61. Watch rugby
  62. Film festival
  63. Woodcrafter’s club of tampa
  64. Go to bingo nights or host a bingo night at the house or have a bingo night at the bar for charity
  65. Florida Nature Conservancy events – VOLUNTEER
  66. Get a boat captain’s license
  67. Become a master naturalist
  68. Become a master gardener
  69. Beerfests – volunteer
  70. Music festivals in the area or far away
  71. Join the Davis Island Yacht Club sailing team
  72. Become a weekend dog walker!
  73. Go on a cruise
  74. Become a wine-rep/wine tasting person
  75. Be a local tour guide in Ybor or St. Pete
  76. Go to Tampa indoor shooting range
  77. Buy a sewing machine and make clothing
  78. Make jewelry
  79. Learn web design/html
  80. Join Tampa Bay Grotto – go caving!!
  81. Go to local wine tastings
  82. Attend fishing seminars
  83. Volunteer at FWRI
  84. Get a fishing rod and start going out!
  85. Go to florida sportsman show
  86. Take classes at NATA – Natural Areas Training Academy
  87. Go to Lebowski Fest
  88. Go to the beach theater – st. pete indi movie theater
  89. Go to a film series event at the Salvadore Dali museum
  90. Tampa Museum of Art – Art After Dark program
  91. Artists Unlimited Gallery
  92. Florida Museum of Photographic Arts
  93. Hyde Park Jazz Festival
  94. Do one ESRI self-study module every 2 weeks
  95. Go to the everglades
  96. Go to Miami
  97. Go to Key West
  98. Go to New Orleans
  99. Bike to work
  100. Make a large map of all the preserves and public lands in SWFWMD district
  101. Volunteer with Tampa Bay Watch
  102. Volunteer at the Ocean Conservancy
  103. Check out some local restaurants
  104. Go see more local music!


Anonymous said...

Just so you know, there are several maps of the preserves and all public lands within the SWFWMD already. If you would like to view them, Visit our website at You can also find a map of the state of Florida and all of its public lands in the publication "Florida Waters," an online version is posted on the SJRWMD website.

Chris Nabholz said...

That is quite the list of things to do. I don't think I managed to do half those things however the big cat rescue is really cool. Glad to hear your mom is doing well. :-)