Thursday, September 4, 2008

Surfing (#51) attempt

Photo: Wikimedia

Karen and I went surfing the first weekend I was back in Tampa at St. Pete beach. Hurricane Fay was heading across Florida and bringing us some swell. Ryan taught us some tubular moves and Mike and Amy were kind enough to host the event. It was Karen's first time and my second time. Things went pretty well. The waves were pretty calm, but big enough to ride, until a few storms came through and then it got a little crazier. The rip tide was pulling us to the north a bit. I even got up on my knees on one ride...rad! Anyway, we were going to try again this weekend with waves from Hurricane Gustav, but once we got to the beach to survey the situation we saw that the ratio of surfers to number of ride-able waves was about 40:1. Yikes! So we got sunburns on the beach instead. (No pictures from me...too much sand!)

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