Thursday, November 6, 2008

Flying What??

I said I wanted to get more involved with the Native Plant Society and that's exactly what's happening. First the plant sale (if I forgot to tell you, we had a very large native plant society plant sale at the USF Botanical Gardens and I volunteered for it). Here are some pictures from it:
And no, these are not native plants, but they were really beautiful and also being sold at the sale, so I took pictures.

And now, before I knew what was really happening, I ended up on the board! They invited me to a board meeting to see what it was like. It was held at Troy's house and wow is his garden breath-taking! Here's just some of what I saw in there:
And here's what else he had:
Yup, those are BABY FLYING SQUIRRELS! They are the southern flying squirrel (Glaucomys volans) to be exact. He owns a landscaping business and unfortunately while doing a job one day, his crew cut down a tree with a nest holding these two cuties. And of course, once the nest is down, it's unlikely the mother would return and be able to care for them in the same capacity. So Troy is fostering them until they're big enough to fly free! Of course, I couldn't keep my hands off them and I offered to feed them for him while he showed off his garden. They were the cutest things! I thought about stealing one (perhaps not the best idea I've had), but they seemed really happy in his care and I decided to just get some pictures to remember them by.

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Sudarshan said...

Hows it going?
I got to your blog from your Couchsurfing profile.
I might move to the Tampa are sometime soon, so I'm trying to get to know some people there.
We appear to share quite a few interests - particularly photography, being outdooors and the environment - so I thought I'll write to you. I wrote to you on here because you haven't logged on to your CS profile in quite a while. You have a nice blog with some great pictures. I used to blog earlier as well, but I hardly have time for that now!
Anyways, here's the link to my CS profile -
Have a good time!