Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beach Bummin

Delray Beach sand

Have you ever been to the beach at night? If you haven't, here's an amazing phenomenon that you should try to experience. Once the sun had gone down, even after daylights savings time, you may think the day is over. Well, far from it! Here's a fun nighttime experience for you to try. Wait until the sun has gone down (extra points if the moon is still high in the sky) and walk your "other of some significance" to the edge of the ocean, look to the sky to see how the stars are aligned, take off your shoes, and enjoy the lapping of the ocean on your ankles. If you don't trust the one simple truth that the ocean will forever make this motion, than you can return to your cubicle in contentment. Now, here comes the fun part. Move up the beach toward the dunes, dig a small hole about 8 inches down and then stick your feet in. Feel that warmth? The radiant heat from the sun shining all day is trapped below the surface of the sand and will warm your toes all night long. How amazing is that? It's the power of the sun but at night...awesome!!

So take off your shoes, relax and let life flow before you. If you begin to wonder why the stars are aligned just so, then you are human. If you begin to wonder why life on the outside feels so amazing, than you are human. If you forsake everything for this moment, then you are human. Life is wonderful for once, enjoy it.

My bike that I rode around town on last night. First I hit up the awesome Delray Beach Film Festival outdoor films. I lounged on the lawn and saw two really great films about wakeboarding and surfing. No wonder I got the bug to ride to the beach after that!

My lousy attempt at a nighttime photo of the ocean.

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