Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lesson from a Tudor

More baby burrowing owl pictures I took at FAU. Click on the photo for a better view.

Now that I'm in the process of moving again, I've come across some of my old contacts, including the contact for the amazing photographer that I mentioned I had seen speaking about burrowing owls at the Audubon Society meeting years ago. His name is Dan Tudor. He photographs many amazing species of wildlife in Florida, but definitely focuses on burrowing owls and documenting their behavior patterns. He lives in southwestern Florida and has done a lot of work for the Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife. He has documented an astounding 1100 pairs of owls in the Cape Coral area with a Nikon F5 and a Nikon D200 using manual focus lenses. On occasion he also uses a Canon Powershot G9. I'm sure he has upgraded since I saw him...which must have been sometime in 2007.

His presentation to the Audubon Society was really moving and somehow hit me at a time when I really needed some inspiration. He said that he learned almost all of his amazing photography skills by reading. Non-stop reading. Of all the other nature photography greats. He especially recommended Art Wolfe and Niall Benvie. If you get a chance check out Niall Benvie's blog...wow, I could spend hours there!

Even though I was out of my element, in a small high school media room, with about 3 dozen Audubon Society members over the age of 70 (this is Florida remember?), and probably the only blonde, I was really engrossed in this talk. I even wrote down a quote that particularly spoke to me:

"Go to your roots. It will change your life."

Mr. Tudor was referring to heritage and how important it is. Well...I agree with that statement. I know that graduate school in Switzerland, near my family and roots, will certainly change my life. Only time will show how this change will materialize.

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