Thursday, April 18, 2013

Join the Fight Against the Keystone Pipeline

If you have a moment, come join me in signing a petition against the Keystone XL Pipeline. Friends of the Earth are asking people to sign this petition against a proposal by TransCanada Corp to create a 2,151 mile long pipeline from Canada to the southern United States (Texas and the Gulf Coast states). Although some portions of the pipeline are already under construction, the fourth phase, which is currently proposed would extend over 1,000 miles from Canada to Nebraska. This a major travesty against the environmental issues we are currently facing, including climate change, contamination of water aquifers and a major impact on Canadian tar sands. And even if we close our eyes to these environmental offenses, apparently, TransCanada Corp has been using eminent domain laws to seize US lands through which this pipeline will go. That's including a number of farmers and ranchers who have worked hard to grow food for our nation and their land is now being seized for the use of a private, foreign corporation, despite the fact that eminent domain is meant to be used only for public uses. If you want more information, come read this nicely composed synopsis of the process and issues.

So, please sign this online petition. It's very easy, just go to the Friends of the Earth website, enter your name and email address and this letter will be sent to President Obama and Secretary Kerry:
Dear President Obama and Secretary Kerry,

I am writing to urge you to reject the Keystone XL pipeline once and for all. This dirty, dangerous pipeline remains one of the largest threats to our climate. If it is completed, it will enable the oil industry to exploit the Alberta tar sands, which contain enough carbon to radically alter our climate. The pipeline would also threaten Midwestern communities' fragile aquifers and increase air pollution from refineries on the Gulf Coast. The fact that the State Department’s recent draft environmental review of the pipeline was based on work done by Big Oil’s contractors only confirms that this pipeline is being built to benefit the oil industry.

You have both spoken passionately about the need to reduce U.S. carbon emissions. If you approve Keystone, your eloquent words will ring hollow and only feed peoples’ cynicism about how Washington works. For the sake of generations to come, please reject the Keystone pipeline once and for all. Actions speak louder than words.


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