Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Recycling in a new town

So as some of you know, I have recently moved to London where I am slowly but surely settling in and making myself at home. It's fantastic so far! I am really enjoying it and I already feel like I fit in here better than I ever did in Zurich. I hope this feeling continues!

As always, along with the administration and paperwork and all the other little details of change that accompany a move, I am learning to navigate the London recycling system, called Recycle for London. Their website is impressive to say the least. They give you ideas for the original 3 Rs of recycling (which are so drilled into my head since grade school that I haven't consciously considered them in years):

1. Reduce
  • reduce your food waste because it can be used for compost instead and creates methane gas in the landfill
  • buy less! (wow, this is a novel idea for a market economy)
 2. Reuse
  • reselling or gifting used furniture, clothes, and other goods
  • selling things at a "car boot sale" (now, I had to google this because I didn't think it sounded legal...apparently it looks something like this and it's like a big flea market but with car trunks instead of stand. Erik, we're doing this when you come to visit! And here's a list of them in London)
3. Recycle

I am super excited about the London recycling system. Not only can I recycle all kinds of things including some I never could in other towns (MD, Tampa or Zurich) like detergent and shampoo bottles and drink cartons, BUT I can also just throw everything in the same bag and then into the big recycling container for the building! Once recycling becomes this easy to do, there's definitely no excuse to slack on it! I like it already!

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