Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fawn Grove Old Tyme Days

How do you know summer is halfway over? The way I gauge it is by the Fawn Grove Old Tyme Days festival. There's a tiny little town just over the border in PA called Fawn Grove where every year, just after the 4th of July, they have a country festival that celebrates farming, agriculture and the community bonds of the old days. The big attraction is the tractor pull which draws a large crowd and many a proud farmer trying to demonstrate his or her agricultural prowess! When I was a bit younger I used to be in the parade that accompanies the event, but now I just attend and it's still awesome...

The tractors you see there come in all forms, makes, models, and rust level.
This is Dan Vaughan, a friend, neighbor, and infamous farmer of the area.

Notice the little sign in the corner?
The event is attended by all people, young and old. This guy has a new high powered version of the "senior wheelchair"!

And when they say "Old Days" they don't mean to imply that women can't partake in the manly events too! The girls were rocking this event.

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