Monday, April 26, 2010

Flea-bitten Female

I started my 3 mile run tonight with a shirt and good intentions...

I ran a 1.5 mile route down to a small local marina that I really like where a few really beautiful sailboats are docked. I've been by this dock several times and have seen a really fat orange cat lounging around the docks. I thought it'd be a beautiful evening to run down to the marina, give the little guy a pat, and then head over to the playground for my hardcore playground workout (no seriously, it kicks my butt!).

Within the first 5 minutes I got whapped pretty hard in the eye by a bug. This put me to rubbing my eye and tearing up on the corner for another 5 minutes as I tried to cry it out so that I could see again. So then I continue to run down the street like a pirate and get down to the docks.

Just as I get there, I see the exact cat I was looking for slowly dragging itself across the planks, sopping wet, and much smaller looking than I remember. He was looking really rough and as I approached a few mallards took off from the water. They were no doubt the creatures that lured him into the water to begin with. He looked pathetic. His fur stuck to him in funny ways and water streamed from his face and legs. I think he was pretty exhausted from trying to get back on the dock too. I looked around and I have no idea how he managed to make the 2 foot leap from the water back onto the dock, but luckily he had managed. So there I am with this super cute, sad looking cat that keeps meowing at me as I try to calm him down. He was obviously uncomfortable and I wanted to help out. So I took my shirt off and toweled him down, much to his contentment. As I inspected my handiwork, I took a brief look at my shirt which was now stained brown with the muddy water from the intracoastal. I barely noticed some black specks in his fur and on my shirt...then it hit me and bit me all at the same time...oh crap! FLEAS! I start to itch immediately out of paranoia and disgust. Sorry cute kitty, no more petting for you. After I reassess my shirt and deemed it hopeless, I quickly found a trash can to rid of it. So now I'm left shirtless, standing in my sports bra, itchy. I ran the 1.5 miles back home as quickly as possible. It turns out fleas are a really good motivation to run fast. When I reached the house I immediately took a scalding hot shower, threw my clothes in the washing machine, and tried to forget my bug issues of the day.

It's funny. Just this past weekend when my Mom was visiting, I was contemplating the daunting task ahead of me called moving...again. The next time I move I plan to take only a car full. So in the meantime there will be a lot of downsizing and sorting. As it turns out, flea infested clothing is the first to questions asked, no remorse! Thanks kitty for kicking off spring cleaning.

Here are some pictures from this past weekend to help you get the thought of bugs out of your mind:

I love this picture of Mom...she looks radiant and so healthy!


Anonymous said...

really a nice picture!
a friend of me found a stolling dog and went home with him to find out to whom he belongs. I asked here about fleas --- no answer.

Anonymous said...

yes, yes it worked

Unknown said...

yay!! I'm glad the commenting is working for you now! Welcome!