Friday, May 7, 2010

Everglades Bound

Remember last year when I saw the Everglades in person for the first time? Well, now it's become much more familiar to me and I'm so excited to share the experience of the swamp with others. So this weekend I'm taking a few great friends out into the wilderness and we will be exploring the primitive areas of Big Cypress National Preserve.

I went a month ago to scope out the area and make sure it was suitable for taking a group of people. Camping and hiking alone at a primitive camp site and in remote areas of the park was amazing! It may not have been the safest thing that I've ever done, but I at least alerted a few people of my whereabouts so they would know where to look for me if something happened. But the solitude I got out of only a night of camping and one full day of hiking felt like bliss. It freed my mind of all the clutter from work, life, and yes, even love. When you're alone in the wilderness and the sun goes down you begin to use your sense of sight less and your other senses much more. I could hear small and large animals surrounding me and some that were probably over 500 meters away. I could smell the freshest humid air. I could even see in the dark to find small sticks to burn. My soul was released from it's cage for 2 blissful days. I walked out smiling and safe.

Here's the little brochure I put together for the invite email I sent out a few weeks ago. Click on the images to read the info. Should be fun!! Wish us luck with the mosquitos, gators, snakes and all the wilderness we've been dreaming of.

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Anonymous said...

Wishing all of you a fun and interesting time! Wish I could be there :-)