Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It`ll be worth your Time

I need a new watch. Ever since the beautiful Victorinox watch that my mother lovingly bought me for my 21st birthday has disappeared (to be honest, I now can`t remember what happened to it...was it stolen? lost? broken? It was obviously traumatic because I remember it dearly, but have blocked the blackness out of my mind), I have felt a bit naked. Well, actually, at first, I felt naked, very naked. But then I started to enjoy the freedom of not knowing the time. But now, living in Switzerland, it`s a big necessity. The country not only makes cool, very expensive watches, but it also runs like clockwork...literally, to the second. I love running for the train these days and seeing that I still have 30 seconds before the conductor signals that the train will be leaving the station. Those 30 seconds are like gold! I can suddenly halt my sprint and slowly saunter down the train platform as if I had planned this all along.

Ok, back to the point. I need a watch. I have been looking for a new one for a while. Sure, I gaze into the windows of the hundreds of shiny watch stores in Zürich. But what I really need is something with utility. Something that will simply tell me the time, will sit well on my wrist, and is cheap and possibly sturdy enough to survive the moments when I absent-mindedly dunk it in the river or a big muddy hole.

Then I found these. The Face Watch

Not only is the design sleek and simple, but each one only costs $40 of which a percentage is donated to a charity of your chosen cause (the blue one is for an environmental charity, the black one is for a cancer charity, etc...look for yourself).

Oh, and they`re waterproof to boot!


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