Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Learning from our elders

We have all heard of other cultures and even our ancestors who looked up to their elders, went to them for wisdom, and accepted elders as their leaders. These days we have lost a bit of that. Many of us have distanced or fading relationships with our grandparents. We are expected to mingle within our group of peers. And politically, retired talented, achieved and wise people are considered a hindrance to the economy.

I have had a long distance connection with my grandmother for all of my life (until these past two wonderful years with her). When we would visit grandma we would try to glean stories from her past, watch her cook amazing meals, and tried to learn what it takes to become so old, so happy, and so settled in life.

Photo of PaulPhoto of MaryPhoto of Stewart

The Amazings is a web-based organization out of London that is offering us a way to reconnect with our elders. Each of the elders (retirees over 50) comes from an interesting background, has a story to share, and will teach you a class about something if you are interested. There are artists, woodturners, storytellers, photographers, and many other talents and careers. Personally, I would be interested in taking a course on woodland foraging with Terry or getting to know parts of London with Sean.Oh bet he has some good stories to tell!

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